Travelling Light Photographic Images

Volume Two - Sri Lanka


This photo was taken for a post-tsunami recovery project based in Madampagama on the south west coast of Sri Lanka. The project is a joint effort between The Sustainable Trust in the UK and The Centre for Environment and Development in Sri Lanka. For more details on this project click here.

We'd taken one of our mad 'let's get in a tuk-tuk and just head somewhere' trips this day and ended up at Dondra Head, the most southerly point of Sri Lanka. On the headland there is a lighthouse which, if you make an appropriate donation and commit to the giddy round and round stairway to its summit, you can observe the most amazing views; a carpet of palms inland and a tumultous swell seawards. Here I really liked the unusual angle on the palm trees. We are so used to looking up at them that it made a change to look down. I also wanted to give an impression of the resillience of the coconut palm, particularly against the raging seas of the tsunami.


Lighthouse View, Dondra Head, Sri Lanka

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