Travelling Light Photographic Images

Volume Three - California and Alaska

We had stopped off in Cardiff (that is California and not Wales) to visit the Patagonia shop there (for the uninitiated Patagonia is an ethical clothing company and both of us are quite a fan of their wares).  After Phil had parted with more of his cash for another great t-shirt, we returned to the car and I noticed the flower bed beside the parking spot.  It was full of cacti.  I’m quite a fan of cacti and even used to collect them when I was a youngster.  I have one in our house now that is taller than me and has been living with me for maybe 20 years now.  So I had to take a closer look and noticed how amazing the light was coming through the body of the cacti; a green translucence.  I really liked that, especially against the blue sky.

Municipal Flower Bed, Cardiff, California

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