Travelling Light Photographic Images

Volume Three - Portugal

There is nothing as desolate looking as that of cracked earth. Fractured and baked, it looks as if it will fall through if walked on. As I live in the wild and wet land of Cornwall, I am not used to seeing such a landscape and to be honest it fascinated me. I was drawn to the contrast and the colour, forgetting temporarily that really the lack of water in this situation may look beautiful but it isn’t really that much fun for the multitude of people around the world facing this on a daily basis. The closest I have come to any such experience was in the summer of 1976 when I do have memories of the earth looking cracked and dry but I was a kid then and didn’t even have to deal with the daily inconveniences of water rationing myself, beyond having to share the bath water. My parents had all that to sort out whilst we kids basked in the excitement of it all.

Cracked Earth, Salema

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