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Where do I begin?

It’s been a long 8 years since Volume 3.  Where do I begin to explain those years?  I suppose I could begin by being honest and saying that explaining it is in itself difficult.  For that reason, and despite the ensuing years, I’m going to keep it short.  Sometimes using fewer words can speak volumes. 

There have been ‘ups’ but sadly the ‘downs’ have dominated.  Most of the last 8 years have been influenced by my mum’s cancer.  She fought long and hard but gave up the battle in July 2018.  Meanwhile my dad, a generational stalwart, also succumbed to cancer after a sudden diagnosis a year earlier.  To become the adult in my relationship with my parents and to be so suddenly cast adrift, even at my age, into a world of grief, probate and sale of my childhood home has been bewildering and at times inexplicable.  Not being able to discuss this all with my parents, when they had always been there for me, was even more confusing.  All this stuff and more have dominated my world with little time for creativity.

Yet at times creativity has been my therapy and my outlet.  Not able to express my grief at both my parents’ funerals, I wrote each a poem instead.  Photography has also been there for me offering me moments of escape into landscapes, wildlife, light, texture, colour and form.  This volume therefore represents my escape and my therapy.

Early on in those years Phil and I started writing a blog called Driftwood Vegans.  This has also acted as a distraction and an outlet for my other passions of veganism and compassion. 

Out of darkness there has still been Travelling Light.

Scooby Gill.  Summer 2019.

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