Travelling Light Photographic Images

Feedback from Volume One

Steve has told me that he looks at the website to cheer him up on a gloomy day. That alone made the website worth doing!"There are some gorgeous images. The reflection at Watergate Bay looks like the sort of thing Hypgnosis would use - an outtake from Wish You Were Here maybe?" Steve, UK

Email response forwarded by my sister from a fellow photographer. "Your sister has a very cool website. I wish I had the literary skills to add such captivating write-ups for my photos. Unfortunately, my artistic skills are limited to photography alone. Give her my best as a fellow photographer and tell her to keep it up!" Brian, Alaska

Nature and light inspire me so it's wonderful to pass that on. "I love your web site and found it very inspiring. I would love to do one with children as a topic (as I have 3 children who I am always snapping shots of). I wasn't really bothered about making a web site before, but now I have seen yours I feel inspired." Sonya, UK

Good constructive criticism from June and advice that I later followed when I created Volume Two. "My only observation would be it took me a while to realise that there was a caption to each photograph. Me not being very computer literate is probably the reason for that. However, if a 'click on photo for description' was included, that would help us thickos! Apart from that it all looked very good". June, UK

Volume Two Feedback

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