I’d begun my journey in the early hours, aware and focussed on the straight road to somewhere. Life’s predictions thrown into nature’s wind, I got distracted and found myself on a parallel road. Round the roundabout twice with the map held the wrong way up, there were corners to turn, to look around, and to discover. Backwards, forwards, staring at my feet as well as the sky, I discovered a new journey at every step. The curve of a lake, the dip of the sun behind a rippling sea, the glint of mischief in a child’s eye, the swoop of a bird in invisible air, the gentle touch of mist on a mountain top; they all became my journey, my passengers and my destination. Searching for those unique moments of light and form, those moments of pleasure, those memories engraved with light for me to share. So whilst travelling light with me, be distracted in your journey, take the time to see the light and live the moment for all to see.


Journey onwards