Travelling Light Photographic Images

Volume One - UK

Kyle of Lochalsh, Isle of Skye, Scotland.
As if to shout the name of the island, the sky displayed it’s full colour as we sat, Grandmother and I, watching over the Kyle of Lochalsh. The evening felt special. With bellies full of hotel dinner, we had strolled up to the monument to catch the best of the sunset. Our moments of silence and thought were interrupted by a sudden discussion about death, a strange yet fitting subject for a sunset. She mentioned her ashes and scattering them as she surveyed the landscape below. I held this in my mind, in my heart, an image of a sunset, a close moment with my Grandmother and a promise. Yet in my older age and as her sunset grows closer, she has forgotten what she said and what I promised on this special evening so many years ago. The photo hangs on her wall and the promise hangs in my heart waiting for her to remember again that moment.

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