Travelling Light Photographic Images

Volume Two - Background



Since Volume One I've been on quite a journey and captured a few new images along the way. I've moved closer to the sunset and the waves, I've learnt that making major changes in your life is very necessary and discovered new sides to my mind that I didn't know existed. I've proved to myself that trusting in someone you love is the right way to love, experienced that letting go of someone you love as they complete their own journey can be a strange thing and that, on the other end of the road, new life and joy can spring up when you least expect it. I've taken tiny steps but covered huge distances. I know I've still got a long way to go and I have many more lessons to learn. Who hasn't? In short, it's been an interesting four years since Volume One. I now live in Crantock with my lovely Phil and I work in the Photography Department at University College Falmouth. Since being in Crantock I have appreciated life, light and love even more and you will frequently see me on the beach smiling at the sunset and studying what wonderful images the light and tide may offer me.

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